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SOLD! in Australia
NEW HOVERCRAFT: Neoteric Deluxe Model #1874

This hovercraft has never been used. It was custom manufactured to serve as the "PaceCraft" in HoverWorld Expo 2004, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the World's First Hovercraft Race, held in Canberra, Australia in 1964 (The decals can be easily removed.) The hovercraft is currently stored at Hastings, Victoria, Australia.
New hovercraft for sale in Australia

You will be in good company when you own this hovercraft. This is the same model used in more than 50 nations by such concerns as the US Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol; the US Air Force; Disney World; and airports, police and fire departments worldwide.

This complete package includes a roll-on/roll-off trailer with a spare wheel and tire, a black hovercraft cover for road transportation and storage, and FREE pilot training at Neoteric's US corporate headquarters. The hovercraft includes the following features and options:
  • Patented reverse thrust computer fly-by-wire system for braking, backing up and hovering in place
  • 625 cc, 65 HP (49 kw), 2-cylinder, 2-cycle, carbureted German Hirth light aircraft engine
  • Side-by-side bench seating for 4
  • Saltwater marinization package (#3720)
  • Two glove boxes (#3884) plus in-dashboard storage compartment (#3873)
  • Dual safety grab handles (#1311), non-slip floor and dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Full instrumentation: marine key ignition switch, fuel, tachometer, cylinder head and exhaust gas temperature, and hour meter gauges
  • Headlights and navigation lights
  • Manual, tool kit and two extra skirt segments

COMPLETE PACKAGE: $45,000 AUD (Australian dollars) SOLD!

For payment terms, see Terms and Delivery.
Buyer is responsible for vehicle pickup at, or shipping from, the hovercraft's storage location in Hastings, Victoria, Australia.

You may view the hovercraft in person in Australia by contacting Greg Fitzgerald by email greg@steg.com.au or telephone 613 5979 3660.

See additional photos here.
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