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Meet Neoteric's Recreational Hovercraft Customers


http://photos.neoterichovercraft.com/galleries/recreational/main/photos/mcveety.jpgSteven McVeety (left) with Flight Instructor Chris Fitzgerald during his pilot training at Hovercraft Training Centers.



March 22, 2016:

Not only did you teach me to fly with confidence Chris, your hovercraft has given me a sense of freedom that I know only you and other Hovertrek pilots can understand. I can't part with such a beautiful machine.

March 12, 2015:

I got the new belt on and hovered again in snow. I am loving my Neoteric! I have had some firefighters ask me to do a demo for training purposes. I might be able to sell one to them – not mine, though; I’m going to keep it! I am still interested in being a flight trainer if you wanted to send possible Canadian buyers here. If you are near Perth some day, drop in. I would love to show you my hover grounds.

Thanks again for your wonderful craft and flight training. I am hooked!

Steven McVeety
Perth, Ontario, Canada

Image personal hovercraft Neoteric Recreational Hovercraft Canada BMW The Steadman family with their Neoteric hovercraft. Left to right: 12-yr-old twins Sage and Colton; 13-yr-old Cordel; wife Ingrid and Colin.  
June 30, 2015:

Ready to embark on a two-week, 1,200+ mile trip with his family across the province of Alberta, Colin Steadman said, “It’s never been done. We’re looking to see parts of Alberta that no one’s ever seen on a vehicle that no one’s ever used before. Being able to fly through dinosaur territory on a hovercraft – no one’s ever done that.

“A hovercraft really has all the characteristics of a helicopter and an airplane, but you can fly it on water, you can fly it on ice, snow, sand. And the Neoteric is the BMW of hovercraft!”

Colin Steadman
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Gary Meyers in his Neoteric HoverTrek™ (named “Neo”), cruising the Colorado River, just north of Lake Havasu, AZ, with the scenic Topock Gorge in the background. Photo by John Hughes.

December 23, 2014:

“I am still entirely enjoying Neo on and around Lake Havasu, Arizona. This is the perfect terrain for recreational hovercrafting, with plenty of flat lands, beaches, water, and river areas to explore. The Neoteric can easily maneuver in areas not accessible to other boaters.  While passing near some of the shorelines, I often see a lot of faces being obscured by cameras and
smartphones!  This is fun!”

Gary Meyers
Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA



VIDEO: Cruise the Colorado River with Gary …


Barry Eison (right) receives his hovercraft pilot certification from Neoteric President
Chris Fitzgerald.

October 4, 2017


Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I love my hovercraft! The Mississippi is really low and the hovering is excellent.  You should come down for a few days and try it out. Would be a great time to get some drone footage. Had a boat cut out of the river channel the other day to get some footage of my craft and they ran aground! I should not have laughed but I did.

I am two years from retiring and wish there was something I could do with your company and marketing and selling hovercrafts when I retire.  People are just really missing out on the experience and the amazing abilities of these crafts.  There should be a way to build them cheaper and open a lower level market.

Anyway, I love my Neoteric and have been very pleased with my Hypalon bags.  The only tears have been when unloading the craft on those front rollers.

Let’s catch up sometime.

Take care,

Barry Eison

December 15, 2014:

“I took the hovercraft out on the Mississippi River on Friday afternoon and deliberately targeted rough waters (barge wakes, small whirlpools, traversing small rapids over rock dikes, swift current) and the craft performed absolutely flawlessly. The more I use it the more impressed with it I am. My only regret is that I wish that I had ordered the six person craft versus the four person. 

You may want to pass this on to other clients who purchase your hovercraft in the future. Do not take the training manual home and set it on a shelf. Print it, put it in a notebook and READ IT. Everything you need to know about the craft is enclosed! It has been a godsend for me.”

November 12, 2014:

“The hovercraft has performed very well on the Mississippi River and in and around the barge traffic we encounter. I was able to harvest my first deer from an area that I was previously unable to access but can now using the hovercraft. The state game wardens think it is fascinating and have given me the green light to use it freely on land or water within their motorized vehicle guidelines.”



August 27, 2014:

“My overall thoughts to date are:

1) I love this machine. The more I use it, the more I realize the engineering and research & development that went into its development.

2) I want to experiment with different material for the bags.

3) This craft would be easy to learn to drive if someone drove it who had never driven anything else.

4) I am becoming quite confident with it and absolutely cannot wait to get it out hunting this winter. It has already opened up areas that I have hunted my entire life but have never been able to access.

Well done, Neoteric, well done.”

Barry Eison
Tennessee, USA


Photo hovercraft flying over broken ice
John and Maureen Wright live on an island in Ontario, Canada. They bought a
hovercraft to get them back and forth from their home to the mainland when partially
frozen water prevents any other vehicle from transporting them.

January 7, 2014:

“We’re using our hovercraft to get back and forth from the island to the mainland when the water’s not frozen enough to walk on or it’s too hard to put a boat on. With the hovercraft, we’re good to go whenever we want. Before, we either had to stay home for weeks, or go away for weeks, waiting for the water to freeze.

Chris, you were right; the craft on ice is tricky. I liken it to a rocket ship in space where the inertia is exponential. But it works beautifully, across the ice to the water.

My training course at Hovercraft Training Centers was excellent! It was a lot different than I’d imagined – kind of like an airplane or helicopter that can spin on a dime and go backwards and forwards and sideways. I was surprised at how maneuverable the hovercraft was. Going along the shore, I was able to maneuver around stumps and through things with the reverse thrust buckets, then come up and touch the bank, then back away and come up and touch it again. You’re nine inches above the surface – it was great!”

John Wright
Buckthorn, Ontario, Canada


Crisis Response International hovercraft Eagle Wings Inc
Walt Sitz built his hovercraft from a Neoteric kit and will use it to help others. His aircraft business, Eagle Wings, Inc., belongs to Crisis Response International, a non-profit organization that conducts humanitarian missions worldwide.

September 11, 2013:

“My interest in hovercraft peaked after I was deployed to New York after Hurricane Sandy. You can try to row a boat through flood debris, but if I can deploy with a hovercraft, that’s what will be used – it’s a natural addition. And your reverse thrust system – you need that kind of control. I want to push the usefulness of this amazing machine.”

January 28, 2014:

“I have about 10 hours of operation so far and everything is working perfectly, starts right up. I’m getting more comfortable in hovering it in a tight place with the use of the reverse thrust buckets and proper throttle. You can do some really precise maneuvering when you have these working together. It’s awesome – a big smile comes across my face when I get it right. These machines are absolutely amazing!”

“I took my wife out in it and she really liked it! We were on ice because the lakes here are still frozen over. Pat is an ice skater, and she said it was like dancing on ice! All we were missing was the music! We’re really excited about all the potential it has. I can’t emphasize enough how much we like it, Chris!”

Walt Sitz
            Oregon, USA


Recreational Hovercraft image Wabash River April 27, 2013

“I've been putting the hours on the hovercraft down here on the Wabash River flood plains near New Harmony the last few days. I’ve attached a video of the Wabash at just above 20 ft. on the New Harmony gauge.  Hovered over 35 miles today in Illinois and Indiana - amazing amount of water out there.

The hovercraft is AWESOME!!  Amazing machine.  I think you could sell some to the oil field industry down here.  Dozens and dozens of oil wells on platforms in the flood plains around this area.  The oil pumpers are out in aluminum boats and waders trying to keep them all serviced.  They've videotaped me and asked me a lot of questions as I buzz around them, taunting them at their plight.  One guy said they bought an ARGO (amphibious ATV) but of course that is like riding a snail in the ocean.”

August 27, 2012

“The hovercraft has been back in action! This photo was taken on a sandbar in the Wabash River about 25 miles south of New Harmony.  I’ve been cruising at 25-30 mph up and down the river routinely now; the rides are amazing early in the morning when the water is like glass! You have an open invitation to come down to New Harmony and hover!”

Kent Parker
                                    New Harmony, Indiana USA


September 24, 2012

"Neoteric's Reverse Thrust System remains a MAJOR selling point, in my opinion. You are still in business and providing customer support. (exceptional support, I might add)."

Michael Meissner
Glendive, Montana USA


April 9, 2012

“Thanks again for the reverse thrust buckets. Without them a hovercraft would be a low-flying helicopter out of control.”

March 30, 2012

"Amazing! Everything is going great. I'm using the hovercraft mainly on snow, but can't wait for the snow to melt so I can try it on water. The hovercraft would be no fun without the reverse buckets."

Dwayne Lee
Fairview, AB, Canada


January 11, 2012

“Just wanted you to know that my Neoteric hovercraft is still running like new! I have 100 hours on it now. That is a lot of trips out on the ice, as it only takes a few minutes to get to some of the spots. It sure is great security. I only run it in the winter for ice fishing on the Mississippi. I’m still on my first set of skirts, but have replaced the semi tarp on the bottom several times. My favorite things are the reverse thrust buckets – they’re working like the day I bought the craft! I love the design of the trailer. My tach reads 1000 rpm; high, but no big deal. If there is a way to get it back on track, give me a call.”

A happy Neoteric hovercraft owner,
 Mick Rockweiler
Viroqua, Wisconsin USA



"Since I purchased my Hovertrek for ice fishing in Jan 2000, we have flown 25 hours and caught over 6000 bluegill & crappies. It's a real nice machine, a lot of fun. Last weekend we went to Devil Lake in North Dakota and caught 120 perch. We operated in a blizzard but just kept going. We had a really good time. I want you to know that I really like my hovercraft."

Mick Rockweiler


November 6, 2011

I bought this hovercraft just so I could go over thin ice on the lake I live on. I have never ridden in a hovercraft, much less seen one operate in person, so I thought it would be a good idea to take Neoteric’s one day Pilot Training Course before I jumped in and bought one. As it turned out, I bought the partially assembled hovercraft kit beforehand so I would not have to make two trips to Terre Haute.

I was expecting that flying the hovercraft would be as easy as driving a car on ice. I had flown a private airplane for years and had watched many YouTube videos of the hovercraft in action so I thought I knew quite a bit. Now I know that it would not be a good idea to self teach yourself. You also need to know the theory on how it works, or else you will be scratching your head wondering what happened.

Dirk Lohry, McCook Lake, South Dakota, USA

The training course showed me that flying a hovercraft is not as intuitive as I had expected. Some aspects of piloting the hovercraft were much more challenging while others were easier. For example, on water the hovercraft does not always hover. If the weight balance is off or if the skirt catches water the hovercraft would not rise. It takes power and speed to get over hump and get hovering. After it gets up, the craft slides like wet soap in a bathtub. Even with reduced power the speed can climb unexpectedly.

Slow speed handling was a pleasant surprise. In one maneuver we gently nudged a bridge on a moving river. Controlling the hovercraft was much easier than I expected and very smooth. There are many things to control all at the same time, such as RPM, rudder, reverse thrust and where you put your weight. And you need to be aware of the wind, current and lots of obstacles.

The Neoteric hovercraft is the only one I know that has reverse thrust. The craft can hover in place, spin like a top or even back up.  Try doing that in any other hovercraft!  Amazing technology really, and all with only one fan. The cool thing was flying over floating logs and vegetation - try doing that in a boat.

Landing on shore was just cool. No more dragging my boat up the shore, knee deep in mud. I am looking forward to maneuvering around the changing shores of the Missouri River. After the big flood this summer, there are new hidden reefs, trees and rocks. For a boat, that is a nightmare … for a hovercraft, it is a dream.

Dirk Lohry
McCook Lake, South Dakota USA

Note: See a photo gallery of Dirk Lohry’s hovercraft pilot training.

January 20, 2009

“Having made a wooden hull, two-engine hovercraft many years ago with plans from Universal Hovercraft, I could see the many advantages of Neoteric’s advanced design with its reverse thrust system, including a light fiberglass hull and no large exposed prop subject to rapid tip damage from water spray.

The Neoteric hovercraft is a fine piece of engineering … I am finding the assembling of such a beautifully designed hovercraft very rewarding, and know that the understanding that I am gaining will make me much more confident in being able to maintain it properly.”

January 19, 2009

“I am really enjoying putting together such a beautifully designed craft! Also am taking key pictures & notes for Hover Garage.”

Don Kerr
Minden, Ontario, Canada


Note: Don Kerr built his hovercraft from a Neoteric partially assembled hovercraft kit. For a photo gallery of the hovercraft building process, see Hover Garage.

"I love your product. I'm quite happy with it and really enjoy it."

Gerry Gibb, Dealer
Microfast, Inc
Homosassa Springs, Florida USA


March 2004

"It's so beautiful...its a blast!"

Gerry Gibbs
Florida Dealer
Homossa, Florida


"I hover nearly every weekend and have clocked up some good experience, 50+ hours. I have been in Gale Force 3 conditions: 0.5m – 1 m waves and winds around 35km/h in Durban Harbour. (SA Hovercraft took their craft out of the water.) It really was fun – challenging, but fun. The wind was too strong to drive straight into the wind and waves, but tacking worked well and WOW this hovercraft can surf on the waves!"

Winstone Jordaan, Director
Extreme Fun
Pretoria, South Africa

"I'm Rich Stuart's son, and I took our hovercraft out the other day on Geist Lake, which is totally frozen over, and it was a complete blast! I love how much easier the craft skims across the ice than the water. Do you have any hovercraft trips planned soon? My dad and I would be very interested in exploring a river or something like that with other hovercraft enthusiasts."

R.J. Stuart
Indianapolis, Indiana USA


Note: Rich Stuart and his son built their hovercraft from a Neoteric partially assembled hovercraft kit. For a large photo gallery of the building process, see Hover Garage.

"Back in 1988 we drove to your factory in Terre Haute, bought the Racer Hovercraft Kit, and have used it ever since at our remote cabin in Canada. We have been very satisfied with the hovercraft, its performance, and your company. With Rae now being 73 and myself nearly there, we decided we'd better not risk long periods in the remote during the "ice out season" anymore. Those were some memorable events and we were able to have them with the hovercraft as our emergency vehicle. We have the hovercraft listed on eBay, where it is getting a lot of attention . over a thousand lookers and more than 50 have it on their list to watch. Some are asking questions and we are mentioning your web site in our answers. Yours is the most impressive site on the Web; it's informative, covers every aspect, and is exciting. We hope many others will visit the site and all take a trip to Terre Haute. Thanks again for all the help you were to us. Owning one of your hovercraft was an exciting part of our lives."

Rae and Audrey Henneman
Baudette, Minnesota


"Last Saturday and Sunday we got to run the hovercraft though it was windy[over 15 knots] and rough. It's a wonderful little machine, booming all around the place, fun machine, wonderful device, very well thought out..."

Barry Bowen


March 9, 2005

"Really enjoying my craft. Was on the river last week. I have about 10 hours on craft so far. Takes a long time to load and unload because of everybody at the river wanting to talk about the craft!!"

December 28, 2004

"I have flown the hovercraft a few times in my field (open and flat) and am practicing slow speed land maneuvers like loading and unloading from trailer as well as getting use to the thrust buckets etc. Having a great time and really enjoying the craft, it is an excellent machine."

Have a Happy New Year,
Dr. Roger Miller
Cleveland, Tennessee USA


December 11, 2004

Everything went great on the trip home. The trailer worked perfect. The best trailer I have ever hauled! My son and I really appreciate the time you spent with us at the shop and in training. I am looking forward to more experience in my hovercraft. I think the quality of workmanship as well as the engineering in the craft are second to none. Thanks again for a great experience.

May God bless you,
Dr. Roger Miller


August 24, 2004

"Went out for about 2 + hours on Saturday and did quite a distance. Explored a nearby river to the township of Katikati then went out and claimed an Island and a sandbank so we now have a Neoteric Island and sandbar! Trust everyone at Neoteric is impressed with their new claim.

It is really a great machine; the more I drive it the better I like it. I was not impressed with the Neoteric trailer at first glimpse, although I must admit that it became very clear that it was practical after our first outing.

Congratulations on a fine design and well thought out craft. I must say it is comforting to have a full set of instruments; maybe a volt meter would be useful in the future. Cheers from a happy owner."

Hovercraft picture
  Bryce Woods' HoverTrek prior to shipping

August 15, 2004

"Had a couple of interesting moments driving [the Hovercraft] down the water. One in particular where [the craft] just wanted to side swipe the hedge, but after a serious chat to it, it settled down and behaved. I did a test out in front to reacquaint myself with the controls, etc., and then took Rose for a short flight. All was good so we stopped for a while, put on the head phones, and hovered up the estuary. We did a couple of 360s, and a little bit of backwards movement. Great craft - I am really pleased with it. Thanks a bunch. "

Bryce Woods
First Flights
New Zealand


September 3, 2004
Photo hovercraft repair

"I had quite an adventure navigating the Tippecanoe river for about 7 hours yesterday. Going places where I'm sure no hovercraft has ever gone before.I was constantly pushing through downed trees, going over logs and branches, picking my way through the smallest holes, under walkway bridges where I had to go off cushion to squeeze under. Without reverse thrust there would be no way to do any of this! It was almost a total success except for when I backed into a tree and cracked both buckets (trying to stop in reverse before I hit the tree). Amazingly they still worked 100% effectively and I continued for several hours. The other amazing fact is I never broke a single skirt tie the entire day! Can you give me some advice on fiberglass repair? (See attached photos). I expect I should just sand the damaged areas down and apply several layers of glass on both sides overlapping the damage by about an inch, then sand smooth. I'm not an expert. Can you offer a few suggestions?

January 2004

"Craft is running great, and I've been exploring the icy lakes here [Northern Indiana]. I told my wife if I were selling Hovertreks, I think I could have sold two last week, based on the crowd of enthusiasts that practically followed me into the parking lots at the boat ramp."

Dave Reyburn
Goshen, Indiana USA


I'm very happy with my hover! I have a little scratch from the long distance shipping from Terre Haute to Acapulco, and the boat cover had some little holes. But it is an engineering beauty. The red color also and the performance and sensation of freedom is better than in my Harley Davidson. Once again, thanks and congratulations!"

Your Friend,
Carlos David Ugarte Catano
Acapulco, Mexico


"Hello Chris:
In August, Marty Van Lishout and I performed in our Neoteric hovercraft for a fundraiser at the Two Rivers Rogers Street Museum. Aided by my son Jeff, who helps people on and off the hovercraft, this is the third year we have given rides at the annual event.

Each year we do a short water show for the spectators. This year, as were gliding along at a fairly good speed, the cable on my left side bucket broke, causing me to touch Marty's machine. Everyone thought it was part of the show! I ran the rest of the day without the port side bucket, so we didn't do all our usual maneuvers. When we perform, the crowd loves it as we head toward each other then put both hovercraft in reverse at the very last minute and fly backwards.

We gave free rides from 11:00 to 3:00 to two or three people at a time. Even though we requested that there be only one ride per person, we still had to turn people away at the end of the day. We could have used at least one additional hovercraft, as each year the crowd gets bigger.

This is a big weekend for the entire area. Manitowoc has an annual Children's Hospital benefit on the short of Lake Michigan at the same time that Two Rivers holds their benefit for the Rogers Street Fishing Museum on the West Twin River, and thousands of people come to the area to enjoy the two events.

It was a great day of Happy Hovering!"

Richard Sleep
Manitowoc, Wisconsin USA

"I am a very satisfied customer and one who believes in your product. It seems to be getting better with age as all good things do."

Matt Litter
Chillicothe, Ohio USA


"I really love this hovercraft and run it a lot. You have a unique and practical watercraft that is more than a pleasure craft. It's performing perfectly."

Patrick O'Connell
North Muskegon, Michigan USA


"What a great getaway sport! My hovercraft is very dependable and easy to repair...I may want to buy another one." (He did.)

"My new hovercraft is now 4 years old, has 930 hours and runs like a charm. The windshield is really appreciated in cold weather. Took a ride of 20 miles up river this afternoon - there were a few snowmobilers pressing their luck (lots of thin ice & open water). It was beautiful - one of those quiet days that didn't take much power."

"Hovercraft is running beautifully since your overhaul. Really enjoy the extra RPM. With one person, it seems to jump over the "hump". We passed the 1000-hour mark this afternoon."
Hovercraft skirt
Hover crafts hour meter
June 2000:

"Like the new "rear hovercraft skirt" which you installed. It is showing a little wear after approx. 20 hours. We have been enjoying a pair of eagles that are nesting 30 minutes up river. Will have to talk nice to my wife Darlene, then we can buy one of your new side-by-side hovercraft."

November 2002:

"Greetings from Reedsville, Wi. Just a note to say that for the first time since owning the Hovertrek, I installed the “winter” windshield. What a neat accessory. Much improved from the one we had on the old Questrek. Attachment nice and solid. Nice roomy, open feeling, and it cut the wind even when going sideways. It is one of those cold gloomy days in Wisconsin, with ice forming on the river. Went up river about one hour and was very impressed with the windshield.

A person sure gets spoiled using Reverse Thrust. People who use other brands without this feature really are missing out on a neat option."

Hovercraft windshield
Winter windshield installed. (part #3675 Cabin Front Windshield and Mounting Hardware)

September 2004:    [In September 2004 Marty Van Lishout took delivery of his fourth recreational hovercraft from Neoteric.]

"Really appreciate new engine. Very responsive and much more pleasing to the ears. I like the new front skirts too. Started using 40 pound bag of sand in the nose which trimmed the craft quite well for me. Then I replaced 10 of the new front skirts with regular ones, and was able to remove the sand bag. I still get a little spray on turns which can be eliminated by moving way forward.

Beautiful Machine!

February 2005:

"Sure glad you convinced me to trade up. What a beautiful machine. Really enjoy the performance of the fuel injected engine (no more bogging down on right hand turns). Have 50 hours on the machine, and no major problems. Used your suggestion on freeing up the frozen rudder cables, still do have occasional icing problem with throttle cable."

Martin Van Lishout
Reedsville, Wisconsin USA


"I enjoy traveling with safety where I would otherwise fear to go by other means."

Ron Ramsden
Chicago, Illinois USA


"I've been on the river in my hovercraft when it was so low that all the other boats were parked, and I've been on it when the rapids kept everyone away... this thing's great!"

Ron Mundell
Lafayette, Indiana USA


"My family enjoys our Neova 8. We have hovered in the ocean and traveled many rivers. Hundreds have flown with us. The Canadians really loved the hovercraft. In one winter's day we took 150 of 'em for rides."

Scott Brownlee
President, World Hovercraft Federation
Tipp City, Ohio USA


"Earl and myself have enjoyed our hovercrafts so much, we have been places even horses couldn't get to!"

James Cassell
Tucson, Arizona USA


"This hovercraft (Hovertrek) is very maneuverable on small rivers. Even Val (my wife) is asking when we can go again! We have an unbelievably controllable hovercraft, can turn on your own axis. I can negotiate any boat ramp I've come across. I've been through white water, over two low-head three-tiered dams and I've just got it down going backwards."

Jonathan Rich
Broad Brook, Connecticut USA


"The reverse thrust system on your hovercraft is what sets it apart from anything on the market at this time. It's the best system I have ever experienced."

Philippe Marcil
President, Hovercraft Club of Canada
Gatineau, Quebec Canada


"I have never had anything this small that has gone so fast and is so smooth."

Ted Gierke
Belfair, Washington USA


"I have over 200 hours on my hovercraft and I have had a lot of fun with it."

Tom Hallam
Marshalltown, Iowa USA


"I have more enjoyment out of my hovercraft than anything I have ever owned. It runs like a top, it's sure been a good craft. The bass fishing boys say, 'Boy you can get where we can't go!'

Best money I've ever spent!"

Carl Roberts
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

"Thanks! You have provided us with a method of conquering the river. You can’t imagine how much we appreciate this hovercraft. The Hovertrek is 10 times better than an airboat. It’s the best thing we can think of for the river. It’s doing a fantastic job. If it wasn’t for the reverse buckets it just wouldn’t work, you just have to have them; it’s the perfect thing. It crosses shoals as smooth as silk. The fishing platform works great. John and I have been everywhere on the river – we have mastered 50 miles from log jams to crossing dams and fish traps, even 3 ft drops. The river is like an obstacle course 1 to 4 ft high rocks for up to ½ mile stretch. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Yesterday we blew past a 90 HP jet boat that had gone as far as it could go."

Rena Waid
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Hovercraft fishing platform

"The hovercraft is a good Moose hunting machine, it sails over the sandbars at 35 mph. Everyone that looks at it thinks it's goofy, until they go for a ride."

Don Scheie
Wasilla, Alaska

"I really like my hovercraft. I have been climbing and descending canoe ramps on the Milwaukee River. These are quite steep, almost 45 degrees and high. I have over 127 hours on the hovercraft in less than six months. Recently, I went on Lake Michigan in six-foot waves and 25 mph winds, the craft worked well. I took my 80-year-old mother for a 60-mile trip. I certainly like my machine.”

Tom Dienhart
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying my Hovertrek! I've got about 25 hours on it, I'm having a blast and the hovercraft is performing flawlessly. I've been exploring the Saint Joe River up here in Elkhart, Indiana, discovering new boat ramps and finding out where all the dams are located. Everywhere I go I get a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers, always wanting to know how fast it goes, if it can go on land etc.

A few weeks ago we had a family reunion at our home with my three sisters and their families coming from different parts of the world so, of course, we had a day out on the hovercraft. I took about 12 people one by one for rides up and down the river. Everyone had such a thrill, having never ridden on a hovercraft. We had to dodge groups of students kayaking downstream, but they were waving and thought the hovercraft was really cool. We even attracted some attention from the press, as there was a reporter from an Internet newspaper called the Bristol Sun taking pictures and interviewing us about the reunion and the hovercraft. I made sure she got the correct information about Neoteric, the maker of this fine machine, and sure enough at 8 pm that evening our story was on their web site, complete with photos and video of us hovering along (that was about two weeks ago so it's off their site by now).

I still have not yet seen any other hovercraft out on the waterways, and I guess I enjoy being so unique, but at the same time I realize that for the health of the hovercraft industry it would be much better if there were more of us around.

We're heading up to the Wisconsin Dells for four days of vacation this week. We're towing the Hovertrek along and plan to do some serious hovering on the Wisconsin River. We're going to attend the Muscoda Hover-in on Friday and Saturday; it will be our first hover-in so we're really looking forward to that.

I'm still working on the idea of making the front seat into a power seat with push button trim control. I've ordered a linear actuator and the rest of the electrical (switch, fuse holder and wiring) is mounted and ready to go. I'll need to have a small bracket welded to the seat frame to mount the actuator. The truth is I can't stop tinkering with it, but I think it's going to turn out really well. I'll email you a photo when it's complete.

By the way, my youngest sister is a professional videographer and she shot some footage of us operating the Hovertrek, (some nice on-board footage from the back seat too.) She's going to edit it into a nice little QuickTime hovercraft video (put to music) that I can distribute through the Internet. Maybe you could have a section on your web site of videos that potential customers could download to get the feel for riding on a hovercraft. When she's done with it I'll send you a copy. Well, I hope that business is good but not overwhelming you! Hope to see you at the September 12 Hover-in at Terre Haute.

PS: Attached is a photo from our recent outing (my sister Annie in rear seat). Check out the ultralight helmets and intercom system."

Dave Reyburn
Goshen, Indiana


Hovercrafts intercom system


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