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July 26, 2013
By Matt Gregory

Bucshon tours hovercraft company

Modern technology gliding across the water, a Neoteric hovercraft glides over the Wabash River. It may not strike you as something common you see in Terre Haute. But if you ask the folks at Neoteric maybe it should.

"We’ve been manufacturing hovercraft here for 35 years," Chris Fitzgerald of Neoteric said. 
Just off Tippecanoe Street sits their base of operations, where workers mold these amphibious floaters for military, police, and fire and rescue across the world - right under our noses.

"Hovercraft that are produced in the factory are primarily are training hovercraft,” Fitzgerald said.
“So it just makes sense. We've already got the training program going. We've been doing that for years. Now we are just hoping to expand it." 
That idea of expansion brings Congressman Larry Bucshon to the Fairbanks Park landing today.

"I'm gonna get a hovercraft ride today," Bucshon said. 

Bucshon's ride and tour more of a fact finding operation than joy ride. The U.S. military is looking for new hovercraft to train personnel and Neoteric thinks they could be that company.

"The military situation, they have two large hovercraft bases, one on the east coast and one on the west, so it's possible we could have a mobile unit that could move around," Fitzgerald said. 
Bucshon thinks that for an area with unemployment hovering above the national average that could bring more work to Terre Haute. "Any company that wants expand in Terre Haute or in the 8th district and create some jobs is a good thing.” 
While neoteric has caught the eye of the public with a viral golf course video in the past year, they are hoping Friday would catch the eye of Congress – and judging from today’s ride, they may have done just that.

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