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    Neoteric Military Light Hovercraft
The hovercraft is the only vehicle able to perform fast, safe operations on swift water, thin or broken ice, snow, mud, swampland and flood waters. Because it safely hovers 9 inches above the terrain, a hovercraft keeps military personnel above the danger - not in it - and allows access to areas that helicopters or boats cannot reach...

US Border Patrol Homeland Security Military hovercraft photo
Neoteric hovercraft utilized by U.S. Department of
Homeland Security, Border Patrol.

Utah Test and Training Range UTTR Military hovercraft picture
Trailer for Neoteric hovercraft employed by the U.S.
Department of Defense, Utah Test & Training Range.

Kuwait Military hovercraft image
The Kuwaiti Military uses Neoteric Hovercraft to detect
land mines in intertidal zones.
Military Hovercraft

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 arrow2 Counterfeit Hovercraft Warning
The innovative design and maneuverability of the Neoteric Hovertrek™ has made it the target of industrial espionage by unethical individuals and businesses throughout the world. Industry-wide concern exists that these entities threaten consumer safety by selling pirated forgeries of Neoteric hovercraft with documented mechanical problems while fraudulently claiming Neoteric’s 40 years of experience and expertise. These entities include Hi Tech International S.r.l. (HTI) in Italy, and Air Wing and MosHovercraft in Russia. Full details are disclosed in the World Hovercraft Organization’s Hovercraft Ripoff Report …
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