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Revolutionary reverse thrust system

Neoteric is recognized for taking a quantum leap forward with its patented reverse thrust system, an innovative technology that takes a hovercraft from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Neoteric reverse thrust system not only makes the HoverTrek™ the only hovercraft in the world with effective brakes, it also allows it to outmaneuver every other hovercraft on the market. Reverse thrust provides all Neoteric models with superb maneuverability not only for braking, but also for hovering backwards, yawing, spinning and maintaining lift cushion downwind at speed – and reverse thrust is absolutely essential for hovering over ice and on swiftwater.

Neoteric’s reverse thrust system surpasses jet aircraft in efficiency: while such aircraft deliver only 18% thrust in reverse, the HoverTrek™ delivers 60%. The HoverTrek™ is so efficient that it can achieve a speed of greater than 25 mph (40 km/h) in reverse and is the only hovercraft in the world that can accelerate over hump in reverse.

With a digital microprocessor developed exclusively for Neoteric, the HoverTrek™ uses a fly-by-wire reverse thrust system.  This allows the pilot to move either of the reverse thrust buckets to any position desired, with ease.  This unique microprocessor also incorporates an advanced diagnostic system that helps the user calibrate, troubleshoot and debug the system with ease.

Image Neoteric Hovercraft brakes reverse thrust bucketThe reverse thrust system invented and patented by Neoteric Hovercraft has come to define maneuverability in hovercraft. This close-up shows one of the pair of reverse thrust buckets on a rescue HoverTrek™; this exclusive system makes the Neoteric hovercraft one of the safest and most effective rescue vehicles available, particularly on ice and swiftwater.

Photo Hovercraft fly by wire reverse thrustThe rear of a reverse thrust bucket is shown here. Neoteric reverse thrust buckets are controlled by electronic actuators operating on a fly-by-wire system. This reduces weight, improves reliability and decreases demand on the hovercraft’s pilot.
Picture Hovercraft braking hovering backwardAfter installation onto a HoverTrek™, the reverse thrust buckets undergo a stringent alignment process. The Neoteric reverse thrust system places the HoverTrek™, with its unusual capabilities such as braking and hovering backward, in a stand-alone position on the hovercraft market.
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