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Neoteric Hovercraft technology moves a 3½ ton steel building

As the news coverage stated in the article Building floats! Honest! “a gravity-defying feat was pulled off at Neoteric Hovercraft Inc., a company that has become adept at doing things differently.”

Hovercraft technology is not just for hovercraft, as Neoteric illustrated when it used hoverlifter technology to defy gravity and allow a handful of personnel to easily move a 7,000-pound steel building.

But this technology is nothing new to Neoteric. A Neoteric hoverlifter was used to move half-ton units across the roof of a 140-acre factory. Before Neoteric’s invention, that factory was forced to shut down while a helicopter did the same job. The Neoteric hoverlifter eliminated the need for the helicopter and allowed the factory to continue operations during the process.

Images hovercraft technology moves steel building Neoteric employees prepare to move a new 7,000-pound steel building from the area in which it was constructed to a new position on the company property, to serve as a data and document fireproof storage facility. Neoteric engineers devised a system to hover the building on a cushion of air, greatly simplifying the move and eliminating the need for a crane.

Photos Neoteric Hovercraft engines move steel building The hoverlifter technology used to move the building consists of two modified hovercraft engine modules, one placed at each end of the building.

Pictures Neoteric hoverlifters move steel building The engines are started and the building begins its transit across the Neoteric Hovercraft factory grounds.

Photo hovering steel buildingA minimal crew needs only ropes at the building's corners to guide it across the property.

Photo hovering steel building The hovering structure is easily guided into a turn as it passes the building on the east side of Neoteric’s manufacturing facilities.
Image Hovercraft move steel building Neoteric’s hoverlifter technology lets only a few crew members propel more than 7,000 pounds of steel over the terrain.

Image Neoteric Hovercraft moves 7000 lb buildingThe crew pauses for a moment to plan the steps necessary to guide the building through a maze of young oak trees to its destination.

Photo hovering 7,000 lb buildingThe building is hovered across a grassy slope to its final position.
Picture Neoteric hovercraft technology moved 7,000 lb buildingThe new building is set in place outside Neoteric's main office facility, to be used as fireproof storage for all Neoteric Hovercraft's films, videos, and legal documents accrued during the company's 40+ year history. With Neoteric's hoverlifter technology, the building was moved to its new location in 30 minutes of hovering time, without damage to overhead power lines, factory grounds or trees.

Read news coverage of the project here.

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