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Neoteric Hovercraft Technology

Cutting edge hull technology

Neoteric fuses artistry with innovation to give the HoverTrek™ hull unprecedented - and unsinkable - capabilities.

A Neoteric hovercraft will never sink. The hull is injected with closed cell urethane foam that meets United States Coast Guard standards. This gives the HoverTrek™ more than 100% positive buoyancy, which prevents sinking, even if the craft were somehow broken in half. This buoyancy also gives the HoverTrek™ incomparable hovering and floating stability, enabling passengers to move about on a level surface without danger of the craft tipping.

The HoverTrek™ hull is also specially engineered with sophisticated technology that greatly minimizes the chance of a plow-in, which can eject passengers. Rather than plow in, a Neoteric hovercraft hull will merely kiss the water and safely bounce back up.

Finally, the safety offered by the Neoteric hovercraft hull is matched by its durability. Two high strength skids are positioned on the hull’s bottom to serve as a barrier between the hull and the potentially damaging surfaces below.

Image hovercraft hull Neoteric
This drawing shows the hull assembled beneath the hovercraft body. Neoteric engineers have dedicated extensive effort to the design of the hull to give the HoverTrek™ qualities lacking in other hovercraft.
Photo hovercraft anti plow hull technology
Here, the anti-plow feature integrated into the HoverTrek™ hull is highlighted. This inventive technology is a safety feature that effectively reduces the chance of a plow-in.
Diagram Hovercraft hull skidsThe skids of the HoverTrek™ hull are highlighted in this photo. These high-strength skids are reinforced with 28 ounce woven rovings to ensure their durability. The HoverTrek’s™ skids protect the hull from damage caused by abrasion and bottom impacts.
Picture unsinkable hovercraft hull foamNeoteric technicians conduct a foaming operation in this photo. The HoverTrek™ hull is injected with closed-cell urethane foam to give it positive buoyancy that exceeds 100% of the gross payload. This not only prevents sinking – even if the hovercraft were somehow broken in half – it also gives the HoverTrek™ exceptional stability.
Image Hovercraft hull urethane buoyancy foamThis HoverTrek™ hull is cut in half to depict the distribution of the urethane buoyancy foam. Notice the absence of any air pockets.


Pics Neoteric Hovercraft safetyA crew of Neoteric personnel demonstrates how the 100%+ positive buoyancy of the HoverTrek™ hull makes capsizing nearly impossible. This outstanding buoyancy gives the HoverTrek™ unmatched stability, and lets it provide a steady, level surface during operation so that passengers can move around safely and easily.

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