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Quick-change, anti-plow skirts

Neoteric’s engineers are never satisfied with the status quo. This drive for excellence in engineering is reflected in every HoverTrek™ component, including its skirt system. Rather than settling for the conventional segmented skirt system, Neoteric has elevated hovercraft skirt technology to a new level.

HoverTrek™ skirts feature an inventive quick-change system that allows the pilot to replace skirt segments in the field without the need for any tools whatsoever. New segments slide into a special slot along the craft’s edge without the need for mechanical fasteners, which enhances the HoverTrek’s™ sleek, agile appearance.

Neoteric also incorporates advanced anti-plow technology in 20 skirt segments at the bow of the HoverTrek™ as well as anti-scoop technology in 10 segments at the stern. A diaphragm in the front segments prevents them from collapsing and tucking under in the event of a plow-in; the segments stay expanded, delivering vital lift air to the front of the craft, which considerably lessens the consequences of a plow-in. An anti-scoop flap in the rear segments prevents them from filling with water while getting over hump. This reduces the power required, saving valuable time and fuel.

Finally, Neoteric has a patent pending on its exclusive skirt blowout protection system. Damaged skirts or broken ties result in a loss of cushion air with an accompanying loss of hoverheight, reducing hovercraft performance and maneuverability. Neoteric’s skirt blowout protection technology minimizes such loss, even with multiple segment damage.


Image anti scoop hovercraft skirt technology Photo Hovercraft segmented skirt fabrication Picture quick change hovercraft skirt system
The anti-scoop hovercraft skirt technology developed by Neoteric engineers gives the HoverTrek™ the ability to quickly accelerate without catching water. Here, Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald accelerates a 6-passenger rescue hovercraft during tests to evaluate the anti-scoop rear skirt as well as the anti-plow front skirt. Integrating advanced technology with skilled craftsmanship, each individual skirt segment is hand-fabricated  to meet  high quality standards. This close-up shows the Neoteric quick attach/detach hovercraft skirt system, which requires no tools whatsoever and allows HoverTrek™ skirts to be removed or installed in seconds

High Speed Filming of Skirt Flagellation Rig

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, June 2016
Professor McInerney
Haulein McInerney, Student of Mathmatics
Zizhao Wang, Student Computer Engineering
Chris Fitzgerald, President Neoteric

Samples of various skirt fabric tested to destruction. Material area of damage is compared for given test time, usually 3 hours. Sample with the least damage is superior.

High speed camera 1260 frames/sec is used together with TEMA Motion Analysis Software to calculate frequency of flapping and fabric accelerations.

This test rig is useful as a rapid means of determining fabric suitability for use as hovercraft skirts.

Zizhao Wang pointing to camera view path and explains problem with background color.
Material flapping and Zizhao checking image data on laptop.
Team involved in high speed filiming exercise.
Chris Fitzgerald inspecting results to determine what additional tests should be performed.
Chris Fitzgerald inspecting results to determine what additional tests should be performed.
Checking lighting and preparing for test run.
Checking lighting and preparing for test run.
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