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Lightweight yet durable structure

It’s simple logic. A lighter hovercraft moves more easily, requires minimal cruising power, is easier to handle and allows more payload capacity. The Neoteric HoverTrek is the lightest hovercraft on the market.

To achieve this exceptionally light weight, each Neoteric hovercraft is individually constructed of hand-laid fiberglass composite urethane and PVC foam core rather than thermoplastic. This not only results in a rigid and durable craft that is easily repaired, it allows all Neoteric hovercraft to be easily lifted and carried.

Another technological feat that differentiates Neoteric hovercraft from all others on the market is that while it is one of the lightest and most mobile hovercraft, the HoverTrek is also one of the sturdiest. And with options such as Keel Guard and Heavy Duty Hull/Body, you can customize any Neoteric hovercraft to make it even more rugged and durable for operations in the most extreme conditions.

Photo hovercraft fiberglassNeoteric hovercraft are built using only the highest grade composites on the market. All materials must pass stringent quality inspection before entering the Neoteric factory.
Picture hovercrafts manufacturer NeotericMark Dial, Neoteric Fiberglass Operations Supervisor, hand-sprays a hovercraft body with gelcoat in the initial step of building a HoverTrek™. Neoteric uses high quality gelcoat to ensure a finish that lasts for decades.
Image hover craft building Neoteric technicians add extra reinforcement to the side panel of a 4-passenger HoverTrek™ body. Reinforcements are added only where necessary, which ensures exceptional durability without sacrificing the hovercraft's light weight.
Photo hover crafts construction NeotericNeoteric chooses quality over quantity, insisting that every inch of every HoverTrek™ receives meticulous attention. Here, fiberglass technicians use small handrollers to guarantee that this 6-passenger rescue HoverTrek™ is free of air bubbles. This precise, personal attention to detail is the foundation of Neoteric's reputation and cannot be achieved in mass-produced hovercraft.

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