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Neoteric is the original light hovercraft manufacturer and the Hovertrek is the culmination of Neoteric's 40 years of experience in light hovercraft design, development and engineering. Its design embodies all of the advantages and advances Neoteric has innovated—side-by-side seating, fully enclosed cabin, highly developed reverse thrust for braking and maneuverability, more cockpit room, increased thrust and low weight. Great efforts have been taken to ensure Hovertrek's aesthetically appealing design. Engineered to satisfy expectations to give long life, and value for money. Hovertrek is the industry standard for light hovercraft.

Payload 4 persons, 600 lb (272 kg) average. 750 lb (340 kg) max. Overload 7 persons, 1200lb (546 kg).
Forward Speed
35 mph (56 km/hr) maximum recommended cruise.
30-45 mph (48 to 72 km/hr) mudflat, beach.
45 mph (72 km/hr) calm water.
30-40 mph (48 to 64 km/hr) land, short grass.
40-50 mph (64-80 km/hr) smooth ice.
30-45 mph (48-72 km/hr) firm snow.
Particulars are based on
standard air temperature
and pressure with no
wind. For operation at
abnormal alititude and
temperature, consult
Neoteric. Notice is not
given when particulars change
Reverse Speed 25 mph (40 km/hr) calm water.
Hump 6 sec, to reach 5 mph (9.7 km/hr) over calm water, with 400 lb (181 kg) payload.
Fuel Consumption 3.5 US gal/hr (13.3 l/hr) at cruising power.
Range-Endurance 60 miles (96 km) at cruising speed, 1.7 hr, single tank. 120 miles (193 km), 3.4 hours, long range tanks.
Static Thrust 140 lbs (64 kg) 55 hp engine
160 lbs (73 kg) 65 hp engine
Length 13 ft 8 in (4166 mm) on cushion, 12 ft (3658mm) off cushion.
Width 8 ft 4 in (2540 mm) on cushion, 6 ft 8 in (2032 mm) off cushion.
Height 4 ft 5 in (1346 mm) on cushion, 3 ft 9 in (1143 mm) off cushion. With cabin, 5 ft 2 in (1575 mm) on cushion, 4 ft 6 in (1372 mm) off cushion.
Hoverheight 8 in (203 mm) hard structure clearance at 6000 rpm.
Weight 420 lbs +/- 15 lbs (191 kg +/- 7 kg) Standard configuration.
480 lb +/- 15 lb (219 kg +/- 7 kg) With all options except cabin.
Noise 83dB(A), SAE Standard J192a.
Fuel Capacity-Type 6 US gal (22.7 l) single, 12 US gal (45.4 l) dual tanks. Premium unleaded gasoline, 45:l gas/2 cycle oil mix.
Wind 25 mph (39 km/hr) over hard surfaces, Beaufort force 5.
Sea State Waves 2 ft (610 mm) chop, otherwise WMO Code 3.
Temperature -30 F to +110 F (-34 C +43 C).
Slope-Gradient 1 in 6 (16.7%), standing start, smooth surface, 400 lb (181 kg) payload.
Surface Type Useful for transportation on salt or fresh water of any depth, sand, mud, grass, swamp, flat desert, ice, and snow.
Control Handlebar connected to stainless steel push-pull cable for 4 blade cascade rudder control. Twist grip throttle with adjustable-tension cruise setting. Hand lever operated, electronic fly-by-wire reverse thrust system - advantageous for operation over ice, horizontal buckets generate 60% reverse thrust for static hovering, braking, backing up or differential thrust for steering enhancement. Trim by operator movement (in-line seat configuration) or by front seat movement (bench seat configuration side-by-side). Controls move from side to side for lateral trim.
Flotation US Coast Guard approved Urethane foam positive flotation 100% of average laden weight plus passenger compartment displacement buoyancy, 42% of average laden weight.
Bilge Rear mounted 4 in (102 mm) diameter plastic screw "in-out" drain plug. Optional electric pump.
Electrical Engine driven AC alternator, voltage regulator and rectifier 13V DC, 250 watts at 4000 rpm. Battery 235 AMP at zero degree F.
Cooling Engine is air cooled by engine mounted belt driven fan.
Heating Engine can be equipped with a deicing system.
Navigation Optional bow and adjustable white stern light, water proof search light plug, headlights, instrument panel lights, optional GPS.
Fuel Single plastic marine portable fuel tank with primer bulb and in-line replaceable type fuel filter. Dual tanks with long-range fuel system optional.
Thrust One, 28 in (711 mm) diameter, 9-blade Multiwing, 5Z. PAG, 45/50°, axial fan, at 3000 rpm 55 hp and 65 hp version. Stator system, 10 blades.
Suspension One third of total air supplied by integrated system is diverted to the lift air cushion, which is contained by an extended segmented (finger) skirt. Skirt material is 8 oz/sq.yd. (267 gm/sqm) 400 denier pack-cloth. Average cushion pressure is 14 lb/sq ft (0.67 kPa)
Landing Two heavy duty, fiberglass coated, parallel skids run full length of hull.
Power Model 2703 Hirth 625 cc, 55 hp (41 kw) @ 6200 rpm, 2-cycle 2-cylinder, air cooled, electric start, aluminum, weight 82 lbs (37.3 kg). Optional Hirth model 3203 625 cc, 65 hp (49 kw) @ 6300 rpm carburated or injected 80 lb (37 kg). Spark plug, gap 0.022 in (0.55 mm). Maximum cylinder head temperature at spark plug 535 F (277C), EGT 1300° F (704° C) . Transmission 31-tooth and 72-tooth hard anodized aluminum HTD sprockets on engine and fan shaft, joined by 720-8M-50 HTD belt. Fan shaft bearings - two 1 in (25.4 mm) bore pillow block Sealmaster NP-16TC.
Safety 2 lb (0.9 kg), dry powder fire extinguisher, ample positive flotation and stability, lanyard kill switch, non-slip floor, normal survival gear, all circuits are fused.
Air Filtration Twin, large capacity, replaceable and reusable filters with splash guard. Type 0135-RC
Instrumentation Marine key ignition switch, fuel, tachometer, cylinder head and exhaust gas temperature, hour-meter gauges. Optional volt meter.
Construction Composite urethane foam and hand-laid fiberglass hull. Gelcoat and hand-laid fiberglass body. Easily repairable.
Accommodations Upholstered in-line seating for 4, with large capacity, lift up lid storage compartment under seat. Optional 2 plus 2, side-by-side, bench seating, with front seat and controls movable side-by-side, and fore & aft for trim and access. Windshield and optional full cabin enclosure for cold weather operations, cabin doors are 40 1/2 in wide (1029 mm) and 26 in high (660 mm).
Maintenance Provision of large screw type drain plug for wash down. Rapid skirt segment replacement. All mechanical components readily accessible for quick repair. Replaceable air filters. Portable fuel tanks. Thrust duct can be removed in 7 minutes to provide total access to lift duct, fan and exhaust.
Length 159 in (4039mm) with thrust reverse system installed. Overall length from trailer hitch to end of buckets = 200 in (5080 mm).
Width 80.5 in (2044mm)
Height Max. 46.3 (1175mm) without cabin 26 in (660mm) from stern. Height at the front is 32 in (813mm) at a position 23 in (584mm) from the bow - wind shield not fitted. Height with cabin fitted 53 in (1346 mm). When mounted on trailer overall height = 73 in (1854 mm).
Crate Standard crate size 147 in (3734 mm) long x 83 in (2108 mm) wide x 48 in (1219 mm) high. Approximate weight is 372 lb (169 kg). Deluxe crate size is the same as the standard crate except taller to accommodate cabin. Overall height is 58 in (1473.2 mm). Approximate weight is 378 lb (172 kg).
Weight Wooden crate and standard 1990 model 750 lb (340kg)
Transportation Three lifting, handling and tie-down cleats are provided. Optional 4 lift handle system. A system of trailer mounted rubber rollers engage under-hull skids for one person loading and unloading. Road trailering speed should not exceed 85 mph (137 km/hr).
Options A range of more than 70 accessories includes Reverse Thrust System, Side by Side Seating Cockpit Enclosure, GPS, Hover on Hover off tilt trailer, etc.
Specifications are based on standard air temperature and pressure with no wind.  For operation at abnormal altitude and temperature, consult Neoteric. Notice is not given when specifications change.
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