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“It's cool!!!!

It arrived late last night and today we had our maiden flights on Caverhill Lake. It does indeed have a magnetic attraction to trees!! Larry and I will be practicing over the next few months and will call if we have any questions. You are certainly welcome to give our name and number to prospective clients on the west coast or in Canada. We are impressed with your on time manufacturing and the quality of the craft. Handling it will take some time to become proficent but our ice conditions are perfect for learning.”

Marlene Loney
The Caverhill Fishing Lodge
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

“The Neoteric Hovercraft is a “craft of the margins”. It's the missing link in river transportation, for surveying and water system research.”

Matthew Coolidge
Program Manager
Center for Land Use Interpretation
Culver City, CA

“The hydrologists are using the craft and the transponder is gathering lots of data and working fine. I saw the hovercraft on a gravel beach the other day way upstream below a dam, so I know it's being used and going where nothing else could.”

Lynn Ausland
Training Supervisor
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Discussing the merits of the six-passenger Hovertrek

“Were the pilot as flawless as the craft, we would have few worries.”

Robert N Rossier
Atlantic Winds Inc.
Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

“[South Africa] Nature Conservation ... are very happy [with their new craft]. They are pleasantly surprised at the “delayed” reaction by crocodiles and hippos, and are prepared to support us with official studies [concerning the use of hovercraft to stalk such animals].”
“It’s amazing, but we can get within five meters before these animals decide to move. When they move, it is for only a short distance. Even pelicans behave the same. In a boat, the closest we can get is thirty meters, then they take off and leave the area.”

Winstone Jordaan
Extreme Fun
South Africa

Hovercraft used by KZN Wildlife

21 November 2007
“On our last and final trip of the 2007 season the hovercraft performed well. We surveyed the Rainy River on the Canadian/Minnesota border. The river was running 9 feet above normal and the flow was 4 times the normal volume. This made for some interesting rapids which the HC seemed to enjoy.”

Mike Wood
CEO, President
LakeMaster Lake Maps

“I must tell you that even though I have had several odd mechanical breakdowns I am very satisfied with the performance of the craft especially for our extreme work conditions and survey requirements.”

Mike Wood
LakeMaster Lake Maps
Little Falls, Minnesota

“The craft has about 65 hours on it and has been working very well. We are able to survey twice as much water as we would with traditional boats. My water pilot abilities have improved and I am much more confident. I am able to track as close as 5 feet from obstacles at 15 to 20 miles per hour and of course go over many hazards that would sink our other boats.”

Mike Wood
LakeMaster Lake Maps
Little Falls, Minnesota

[Explanation of application] The Racine, Wisconsin Airport has a large quarry at the end of the runway in which geese collect. These present a hazard to aircraft operation. The hovercraft is utilized to annoy the geese and drive them off -- This is a joint undertaking between the airport authority and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

"The hovercraft is running great, and I am getting a lot better and feeling more comfortable with it every day. I have been in the water, ice, and land with no problems. I have given the local media rides, and they were very impressed. By the way the geese don't like your machine at all. I will keep in touch with you."

"Craft is running great, real happy with the machine. The cab Neoteric fitted is working out great. To remove ice and snow we are using RainX and a hand operated squeege. The geese hate the thing, we have hardly any geese left."

Mike Loew
Airport Assistant Manager
John H Batten Airport
Racine, Wisconsin

“We have a Hoverguard 700 as well as a Neoteric Hovertrek Rescue Hovercraft. Generally we feel the Hovertrek is much lighter weight so that it needs only one person to load and unload, can come up and down dykes quickly and requires a small space for parking. With reverse thrust system it can be controlled while moving towards target, can pass through narrow and meandering stream or river channel or even a water gate. On ice it breaks speed. The Hovertrek body is more elastic than Hoverguard and is better at absorbing impacts.”
Mr. Ning
Huaihe River Commission

"It stopped raining here when we bought your hovercraft, so you should be able to sell a lot to mosquito control. Well, we really do get some use of our hovercraft, even in the drought - and just take a look at the paint job."
Howard Emerson
Camden County Mosquito Commission
Lindenwood, New Jersey
Commercial hovercraft picture

"We are getting better and better at operating our hovercraft. It is ideal. We can get over the grass and not damage it. The hovercraft is definitely allowing us to access areas we couldn't normally."
T. J. Savereno
National Marine Fisheries Lab
Charleston, South Carolina

"The hovercraft works beautifully getting into shallows and running over ice and water. We are using our Neova 6 in support of winter forestry management projects along the Mississippi River."
Operator Dan Oles
US Army Corps of Engineers
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Last year we operated our Workhorse three days a week from dawn to 1:00 AM. It's a stable work platform and safe up on hover. You feel secure in it. On the Illinois River we got caught in barge-wake and the boil behind the barge. The hovercraft got out of it. Some of the old river boys said you wouldn't normally get out of it in a boat. We have also been using our hovercraft to break ice."
Dr. Robert Sheehan
Fisheries Research Laboratory
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Illinois

"Once again the hovercraft did a fine job without any problems. Each time I operate the craft, it seems to get easier and, therefore, makes my job easier."
Darrell Wehde
Fox Farms
Foley, Missouri

"I have seen one of your hovercraft, and it was the most amazing piece of equipment I have ever seen!"
John Roop
Anchorage, Alaska

"Yesterday I dropped George off for a 110 mile downstream trip through some very remote terrain. He had to travel through a military training base with deep canyons and without any access allowed up on a shore due to live fire tank training that goes on. It was an extremely hot day and the hovercraft worked flawlessly with no overheating problems. The 100-mile trip took about 6 hours of running time on the engine and 9 hours altogether with extra time for floating and breaks."
"I just got back from 3 hours of hovering tonight and the hovercraft performed remarkably well. From prairie badlands to rivers flowing out of the mountains, my area of Alberta has a diverse variety of rivers that would make your mouth water. I took a passenger with me and went up a narrow winding river filled with rocks, boulders, fallen trees and some light rapids with fast moving water."
"I'm getting a little more confident with more challenging river terrain and I am amazed at the maneuverability and control you can have with my hovercraft. It is a truly amazing piece of engineering design."
"After a few hours of piloting my hovercraft I think the reverse buckets are the greatest asset of your design. The beauty of them is they do much more than re-direct the airflow; it is my feeling that best of all they act like parachutes on a dragster. The drag they provide is superb for braking and maneuverability. I cannot imagine operating a hovercraft without them. It would seem insane for anyone to hovercrafts manufactured without them."
"Many thanks for all your advice from our previous meetings/discussions. I often think back to our discussions and think to myself that you sure know what you are talking about! You have many years of hard-earned experience."
"Every time I am cruising down the river in the hovercraft I think, 'What an incredible piece of engineering.' Believe me, I am grateful to you for producing and selling such a great machine. Exploring these local rivers would take days by canoe and now it only takes a matter of hours."
"I appreciate it for its ability to take me places a jet boat or a canoe cannot navigate."
Colin Weir
Alberta Birds of Prey Centre
Coaldale, Alberta, Canada

"In spite of our complete mismanagement of this piece of equipment (hovercraft) it's still working. It's paid for itself and it's done everything Neoteric said it would. It carries the payload (bags of shrimp eggs) off the shore line out to our waiting boats".
Mark Ban
Salt Creek, Inc.
Great Salt Lake, Utah

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